Online Wellness Course

Online Wellness Course
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Welcome to Module 1-1. This module is all about examining your perceptions and removing fears that may be holding you back from the health and life you deserve. I have found, and the primary medical literature reflects, that beliefs and mindset are the most important predictors of success. To help you assess your limiting beliefs, this module includes:

  • Five lessons: Change your perception
  • Daily meditation: Removing fear of the future

Note: Quick Start Members should continue with the diet during this module.



Estimated time to complete: 30 mins

Symptoms and illness don’t have to be scary. It may surprise you to know that childhood illnesses, for example, are vitally important in “priming” the immune system for adult life in a complex world of exposures. If we look at illness as a precursor to progress, as suffering for growth, it becomes less of something we need to beat into submission and more of a process to move through, towards a stronger and more resilient self. The conventional Western medical model relies on two pillars to support itself: fear and control.

  • You fear the symptoms that are manifesting.
  • You fear what you don’t know about your condition.
  • You fear being labeled with a disease or disorder that you can’t do anything about.
  • You fear the financial and societal implications of being ill.
  • You fear losing the ability to live a normal life.
  • You fear things may only get worse.

The list of things we fear is endless, and Big Pharma knows this. They play to it like a maestro in their direct-to-consumer marketing, so ubiquitous on our TV screens. The promise of control is plain and simple—take this pill to make all of your symptoms go away. After all, you’re probably not smart enough, motivated enough, or credentialed enough to make health decisions for yourself, so you’d better let us handle it. Rather than equipping and empowering people to take control over their own health, patients are often dismissed and invalidated, and left in a state of powerlessness.