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Case Study 1

Digital Business Development

SUMMARY: Engaged to design and implement business platform and initial products & services array. Business strategy decision to create an annual membership system with tiered content structure and drip-delivery, along with a digital training series sold as stand-alone products. www.amazonsellersclub.com

PHASE ONE: Designed and developed membership system's core functionality; strategy decision was WordPress with membership & affiliate-marketing plugins. A custom form was created to support anonymous+secure communications between Client's human resources and members.

PHASE TWO: Designed, developed and co-authored 4-part digital training series and initial product array.

PHASE THREE: Content and social marketing initiatives are currently underway to drive awareness of brand, increase following, and sell digital products and services.

PHASE FOUR: Additional training products in-development. Kim Ryan serves as Chief Technical Officer for Client, supporting business growth and brand development.

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Case Study 2

Content Development

SUMMARY: Engaged to create content for online course, affiliate and social media promotions, online membership system. www.kellybroganmd.com

PHASE ONE: Adapted author's NYT best-selling book into 44-day online course. Successful launch in beta with positive user-feedback. Integrated lessons learned; finalized course content for launch which exceeded client expectations.

PHASE TWO: Developed content marketing assets including strategic social posts, email copy, affiliate swipe assets.

PHASE THREE: Content creation for membership system. Responsible for continuity of brand messaging as well as pedagogical design of content within a predetermined framework. Membership successfully launched and continues to gain participation.


Case Study 3

Platform Development

SUMMARY: Engaged to design and develop e-commerce platform to support sales & marketing of Client's self-published book and integration with product fulfillment center. www.truecrimedetective.com

PHASE ONE: Successfully produced compelling website design, maintaining consistent branding and ease of adoption for Client while also providing seamless user experience. Developed WordPress with WooCommerce platform, tested & stabilized product fulfillment and client-side banking integrations. Delivered project on-time and below approved budget. Sales traffic exceeded expectations with zero failed transactions.

PHASE TWO: We maintain sales and technology support, facilitating and meeting Client's ongoing marketing and distribution goals.

PHASE THREE: With local market saturation complete, strategy decision was made to partner with national distribution house for broader reach. Potential for national media exposure for book requires repositioning to take full advantage of high-volume traffic and book interest this could generate. Opportunities for features on "Dateline" and other true crime TV and podcasts being actively explored.


Case Study 4

Product Management

SUMMARY: Engaged to manage development and distribution cycles for ingestible herbal tincture products to be sold in the United States. www.anami-alchemia.com/

PHASE ONE: Research to resolve complex legal issues related to production, branding, labeling, importing and shipping alcohol products overseas, importing to U.S. Worked closely with FDA-import attorneys and offshore production facility to achieve successful outcomes for Client.

PHASE TWO: Effective resolution required changes to product packaging, labeling and production facility, to provide client with valuable legal protections bestowed by GMP-certified manufacturing partner.

PHASE THREE: Assumed management of Client's product trademarks, including facilitating more than a dozen applications through complex legal process. Results are multiple successful Trademark registrations with USPTO. Counseled Client on value proposition of specific marks, resulting in thousands of dollars saved on weak TM applications.

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Case Study 5

Launch Management, Affiliate & Social Marketing

SUMMARY: Managed affiliate marketing and social media campaigns surrounding major book launch and affiliated online course. Dr. Brogan's Vital Mind Reset

PHASE ONE: Managed on-boarding, user experience, and ensured smooth adoption of campaign management tools. Directed creation of dozens of swipe assets for multiple, successful campaigns generating high volumes of traffic.

PHASE TWO: Launched targeted social, email, and affiliate marketing campaigns to promote release of book by Harper Collins publishing. Grass-roots influencer campaign (a first at the time) successfully promoted book to #10 position on May-2016 New York Times best-sellers list.

PHASE THREE: Rolled out 2nd wave of high-traffic social media and affiliate marketing promotions in conjunction with full release of online course, meeting Client's high expectations and generating significant affiliate payouts.


Case Study 6

Misc. Website & Content Development

Multiple miscellaneous projects for esteemed clients in recent years include:

LyraLynn: Website development & management for artist, writer, and spiritual healer. www.LyraLynn.vision

Big Chicken Hot Rods: Business consulting, website development and content support for Indy-car fabricator & entrepreneur featured on "Junk Yard Wars" and "Monster Garage."

GreenMedInfo: Copywriting & editing for popular holistic health website earning 1-million+ page-views per day. www.GreenMedInfo.com

eHome America: Content and course development for world's first online home-buyer education program. Project management supporting e-learning platform development. Project management supporting website and course language translations into additional languages. www.ehomeamerica.org/

Content Samples

Examples of copy creativity

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Health & safety article

Toxic Metals Found in 96% of Tested Cosmetics

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Corruption & fraud article

Sugar Papers Expose Industry Plot to Frame Fat for Heart Disease


Client email series

One in a series of 20+ Emails to buyers of an online course

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Opioid epidemic article

New Study Unearths Paradox: Opioids Cause Chronic Pain


Health transformation course

Sample from premium lifestyle course co-written with NYT best-selling author
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Plastics pollution article

Plastics Pose Problems for Marine Life

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Placebo effect article

Co-writing using client-voice and excerpts for holistic health blog

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Wellness study article

New Study Shows Digital Devices Are Destroying Our Eyes

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